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LoginView.FindControl returning null

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I am having problems with the FindControl method of the LoginView. From articles I have read online, it is suggested that I should be able to use FindControl to access controls nested within a LoginView.

In my situation, I have the following markup:











And the VB.Net code in Page_Load:


theLabelAs Label =CType(Me.lgBookingEngineByRole.FindControl("lblTest"), Label)

The problem is that theLabel is coming back as Nothing. This is the same problem for any controls I have within this ContentTemplate, including labels and repeaters.

I have tried to find a .FindControl further down the hierarchy, such as lgBookingEngineByRole.<something>.FindControl() but I cannot find anything like this which might be appropriate.

Any ideas as to why I am getting a null reference?



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    • I managed to solve my own problem: I was not a member of the role "hdn-BookingFinancial" which I had specified as the required role.

      I added myself to this role and now it works perfectly.

      #1; Sat, 05 Jan 2008 23:48:00 GMT